Balloon Gender Reveal, i.e. Baby in a Box

March 27, 2015, In: Photography, Portraits

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland

When my friend Kathryn found out she was pregnant with her second baby she wanted to do a fun gender reveal for her friends back in the States. She didn’t necessarily want to be in the pictures, but she wanted to capture the excitement and incorporate her little one, Harper. She couldn’t decide whether or not to use paint or balloons for the gender reveal, so I decided we should do both.

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-9

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-10

A few days before the shoot I went on a box search. Finding a box big enough to fit 15 balloons in is no easy feat.  Luckily, Spouses’ Dining In gave me some practice when it comes to “constructing” boxes! I rescued a couple from the recycling bin behind the BX and went to work. After I’d painted the lettering, I decided I wanted the box to be gold. Let me assure you… next time, if the box is going to be gold, it will get painted before the lettering. What a pain!

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-11

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-12

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-3

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-6

We didn’t plan this shot. In fact, the only reason we put her in the box was to distract her when she was getting fussy- but it turned out to be one of my favorite pictures of the shoot. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, you can’t go wrong with big blue eyes.


Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-14

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-13

“Say what?!?” This might be the moment that she realized that a baby sister means she will have to start sharing her clothes and toys.

Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland

Painted hands + 10 month old = teeny tiny little hand prints.

Balloon Gender Reveal | Walking Through Wonderland-17




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  2. Reply

    So adorable and love the cameo of the paper flowers. :)

  3. Reply

    Aw, these are all so cute. Wish I’d had you around to do some of my maternity pictures… I’m envious of these gals!

    • Reply

      I wish I had been too! Who knows maybe someday life will present an opportunity like that!

  4. Reply

    oh my that photo of Harper in the box is the best!

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