backpackingThe whole story:

I’ve always loved to travel. I’ve had a designated travel account since I got my first marketing  job after graduating college in 2007. The problem was, that all of that saving never seemed to culminate with taking the trips I was dreaming of.  Near the end of 2012, I knew it was time for a change and I was anxious to shake things up a little bit. As of Christmas Day I had no idea what I was going to do, but that was the day I acknowledged that something had to give. After making that decision, everything else moved fast.

On December 27, I purchased a ticket to Thailand. On December 28, I gave my boss my two weeks notice. On January 16, I arrived in Southeast Asia where I spent the next four months backpacking Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

plane-dateMy return to the States coincided with a trip that the Air Force assigned to my best friend. He landed in Tampa less than 24 hours after I did. In the two years that we had known one another (and talked daily), he had never been on an assignment to Tampa. Some might call this as fate. Turns out I’d agree with them.

I was reluctant to get too comfortable back in Florida, and firmly determined not to let a boy (even this boy) change my plans, so I bought a one way ticket to New York City where I sublet an apartment and started job searching immediately. My goal was to find a job and write a book. I found a job after 6 days of “searching” but as of now, we’ll call the book a work in progress.


A little less than a year later, I had finally decided that maybe this boy was worth making life changes for. I packed up my bags and moved from New York to Kansas, where he was stationed. He was still deployed when I arrived and started job searching, again. He got back to Kansas at the end of February and we flew to Florida where we rented a U-haul and packed up everything I owned that hadn’t made it to New York- which was just about everything bigger than a Keurig.

TEXASWe made a vacation out of the journey back, stopping in Mobile, Alabama; New Orleans (perfectly timed for Mardi Gras); and Austin, Texas (for SXSW). When we arrived in Austin the Air Force changed our hand again. We got a call that Dane was going to be PCS’d (permanent change of station) to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. This turned all of our plans upside down… But for a girl who loves to wander, the upside down is intoxicating.

He proposed to me in the front of a U-haul and within four months we planned a wedding and packed everything up again. I now live in Okinawa, Japan with my best friend, who also happened to become my husband… and our 5-pound travel companion, Sydney.


Walking Through Wonderland has become a scrapbook of sorts that really took form when I decided to shake up my life. I write about places I’ve been, things I have made, and some of my musings on life in general.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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