The advantages and disadvantages of living in a terrace house

When moving out of your old property it can be difficult to know what type of property you should move to next. With many property options on the market in Malaysia, it can be difficult to know what property is right for you. Each type of property offers different advantages, but here are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a terrace house.


Cost effective: A great advantage of terrace houses is that they are known for being reasonably priced and are much cheaper than other housing options that are available in Malaysia. They are much cheaper than the average house to buy, or if you are looking to rent instead, the rent that you will pay each month is very reasonable. Due to the smaller size and scale of terrace houses, they tend to be warmer than most houses and use less energy. This means that they are cheaper to heat and use less electricity than other larger properties. This is a great advantage as it means you will pay less on your electricity and gas bills each month, proving again that terrace houses are cost effective.

Larger on the inside: When looking at a terrace house from the outside they can sometimes look quite small, but this is not always the case. Terraces houses are usually quite big and spacious once you are inside of them. Their well laid out floorplan provides tenants with a lot of room and space, which is great if you have loads of personal belongings. They typically come with 2 or more bedrooms meaning you will have a lot of space and freedom to do what you want with the rooms if you live alone. These terrace houses in Perumahan Pulau Pinang that are available to rent or buy are all spacious and well laid out.

Sense of community: Terrace houses are side by side and are usually located on a street with other terrace houses. This means you will have a lot of neighbour and that there is a great sense of community among all of these terrace houses. Living in a terrace house gives you a great chance to get to know your neighbours, meet new people and make new friends. This is a great advantage when you live in a big and bustling city, as these people are right on your doorstep.

Easy to maintain: Like previously mentioned, although terrace houses are smaller than other properties that are available on the market, they do offer tenants a lot of space and often come with a lot of storage solutions. The smaller, but still practical space of terrace houses makes it easy for them to be maintained and kept clean and tidy. Very little cleaning and repairs are involved with terrace houses, which is another great advantage that they have over other larger properties.


Noise: Although it is great to have a lot of neighbours and to live on a busy and exciting street, it does mean that it will be noisy from time to time. This may not be the case with all terraced house, but they are typically condensed between other terrace houses. Therefore, you will hear noise coming from your neighbours on both sides of your house, but there are definitely ways of reducing this noise problem. This problem can be extremely bad though if the street that you live on is noisy anyway, so be prepared for that.

Very little privacy: Seeing as terrace houses are placed so close together, it does mean that you may have very little privacy when you live there. Your neighbours will be able to see when you leave your house and when you come back, and even if they don’t see you there is a high chance that they will hear you anyway. Terrace houses also usually come with very small gardens that are right next to the neighbour’s one. This unfortunately means that they can easily look into your garden and see what you are doing, which is a huge disadvantage.

Little parking space: No matter where they are situated in the world it is rare for terrace houses to come with their own driveway. This is due to the houses usually being tightly packed into a street together. It may be possible that you will have a small space outside the front of your house, but it may not be even room to park your cars. Living on a terrace housed street usually requires you to park on the street, but this can be difficult as all of your neighbours will be doing the same. There may also be legal restrictions to parking on the street that you live on, so make sure that you check beforehand.