How Much Does it Cost to Have a Bali Wedding Venue?

Finding a beautiful venue that matches your budget for your wedding venue can be a challenging venture. However, if you changed your destination wedding from the world’s city of love to Bali, the search becomes much less frustrating. Bali has a pleasant climate, beautiful terrains and beaches, and a rich culture that will make your wedding stunning even with a low budget.

But how much do you expect to spend on your Bali wedding venue? Let us look and compare some of the prices to find out.

Wedding Venue Options

A Resort Wedding Venue

Holding a wedding in a resort often ranges between $2,000 and $9,000, although this figure can quickly double or triple depending on the number of guests you have, the type of resort, and your catering needs.

This choice is perfect for couples who would like to enjoy their destination wedding with their families and friends in complete comfort. The budget allows them to book the wedding venue and rooms for their family and friends.

Having a resort wedding under such a budget also gives you the advantage of quickly getting an alternative indoor venue if the weather goes berserk on that day. Although this is unlikely to happen in Bali, having a plan, B, gives you more peace of mind.

Most resorts in Bali offer catering services in the wedding venue package. So you do not need to have extra trouble getting an outside catering vendor for your wedding. The resort caters to your guests according to your budget.

The downside of having a resort wedding in Bali is that if you know of a really good external caterer and would like them to cater for your wedding, that may not be possible because resorts do not allow external caterers.

Furthermore, dining and drinking costs for your friends and family can be expensive. Their preferred time to do stuff may also be affected by resort curfew times. Additionally, if you want to enjoy your 50 years old red wine for your wedding, you will have to pay an extra corkage fee.

A Beach Wedding Venue

Most beach weddings in Bali are estimated to cost between $ 1,000 and $6,000. This type of wedding is romantic, but it is also quite affordable. The ocean views give you incredible backdrops for your wedding photos and a memorable site for you and your visitors.

There are several payment packages that you could consider o personalize your choice. However, you need to be aware of these few cons before settling for a beach wedding. Firstly, beaches in Bali are, in most cases, public, so if you want to have a private affair, the beach venue option may not be ideal for you.

Moreover, if the beach is part of a luxurious resort, the wedding venue could be a little pricey. So if you are on a budget, this option may not be favorable, although you could choose a have a beach wedding in a resort that fits your budget.

Chapel Wedding Venue

Having your wedding in a chapel in Bali may be more costly than you had imagined. The cost of a wedding venue often ranges between $3,000 and $10,000. This venue offers you luxury and beauty and allows you to have a private and intimate affair, especially if you have an elopement wedding.

Most chapels are air-conditioned, so you do not have to worry about your guests getting a heat stroke while you walk down the aisle. So, if you set a wedding date in the hot season, it is prudent to settle for a chapel wedding venue. Other advantages chapel wedding include the amazing picturesque views on the walls and stunning architecture that add to the aesthetics of the wedding.

Before settling for this venue, some of the cons you should consider include small chapels that may not be spacious enough to accommodate all your guests, especially during the pandemic period when people are expected to observe the personal distance. You may also have to deal with timeslots because chapel venues often host several couples in a single day. So, you risk having a rushed wedding.

Bottom Line

Happy Balinese Wedding! If you plan on having your wedding during the festive season, you should book your venue early enough to get a slot in the schedule and the best value for your package. And now that you have an idea of how much Bali wedding venues cost, I hope your selection journey will be much easier.